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Suggest a fast hosting for a woocommerce WordPress website?


Hello everybody!

I want to set up a new woocommerce website.

Here is the detail what I am looking for:
  • as fast loading and reliable as possible
  • there won't be a plethora of visitors, so the bandwidth is not critical
  • the price is not a problem, I can go as far as $15 per month
Could you please recommend a good shared host.

Thank you in advance
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  • GoMummy-GM said:
    any preferred location to host this website and how much space and bandwidth you are looking for?

    I preferred USA location & bandwidth is not an issue currently.
    OVHcloud_Phil said:
    For $15/Month you should be able to get a VPS instead of shared hosting. Which is VASTLY superior for speed/no noisy neighbor effect/etc.

    Good to know. I didn't know that. Thanks!
    There are many web hosting providers out there, I would recommend looking at reviews on this forums as well as many others before choosing one as some have great fake reviews ;)
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  • I do not suggest you to get a VPS with that budget. First you gonna need a hosting panel, there is free panels around but it's coming with security flaws and the others are expensive. Second, for a fast loading website you need litespeed + LSCache if it's wordpress based website and it's expensive.

    You better get a premium shared hosting package instead, by premium I mean a package with high ressource limits (CPU, RAM, I/O, entry process).