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How to uninstall and completely remove WooCommerce


Junior Member
Hi all,

When you uninstall and even delete the WooCommerce plugin, the reality is that not all your data is erased.

The test is straightforward: uninstall and delete the WooCommerce plugin and install it again. Surprise! Your products, orders, and all WooCommerce settings are still there.

This is because WooCommerce, when uninstalling or deleting it, only the plugin folder is deleted, but all the information, the data, is in the database.

And it is not that they do it to a bad idea. It is a measure with enough logic so that an accidental uninstallation/deletion of the plugin does not make all your orders, clients, products, and configurations disappear so that when you reinstall the plugin, everything necessary to your E-commerce continues like this.

Suppose you want to erase all traces of WooCommerce in some installations, not only the plugin but also everything it adds to the database. In that case, you have to add this line to the wp-config.php on its line above the /* That's all. Stop editing! Happy publishing. */ before uninstalling it:

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Once you save the changes, you can uninstall and delete the WooCommerce plugin, and now it will remove all the installation data, leaving no trace in the database.
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