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WHMCS 8.0.1 Now Available


NHT Manager

Whmcs released 8.0.1 which addresses issues identified since the initial release.

Version 8.0.1 Release 1 (Maintenance)

CORE-15215 - Prevent error when managing admin roles
CORE-15394 - Use single cost pricing format for SSL products
CORE-15398 - Prevent upgrade error when product groups are numeric
CORE-15403 - Correct application of client group domain pricing in the Admin area
CORE-15404 - Improve email transport health check
CORE-15405 - Prevent error when removing quote items
CORE-15411 - Correct description of Domain Pending Transfer To Do items
CORE-15412 - Prevent validation error in the cart when ordering MarketConnect services with existing domain
CORE-15414 - Correct aggregation and display within Client Activity dashboard widget
CORE-15415 - Improve parsing and decoding of addresses during email import
CORE-15418 - Ensure bulk Send Message on Products/Services pages honor email type
CORE-15420 - Prevent error when importing email containing non-compliant addresses
CORE-15422 - Correct client area MarketConnect manage routine Also known as: CORE-15428
CORE-15423 - Improve detection for sequential non-visual but printable folded header body content during mail import
CORE-15427 - Ensure 2FA can be disabled
CORE-15434 - Ensure One Time addons price is set when adding to service
CORE-15439 - Prevent erroneous redirect to login following Signin Provider authentication when 2FA is enabled
CORE-15440 - Ensure Auto-Recalculate is performed when requested
CORE-15442 - Prevent error for affiliate search when viewing order

MODULE-7512 - Prevent error when creating a new customer entity with ResellerClub
MODULE-7514 - Restore and shim original libraries from BitPay
MODULE-7515 - Prevent cron error when Enom New TLDs addon is activated

PMA-183 - Ensure projects with multiple ticket associations output to Support Ticket UI

Getting the Update

Automatic Update

You can update to the latest version of WHMCS using the Automatic Updater. Simply navigate to Utilities > Update WHMCS to begin the update process.
Important Note: WHMCS 8.0 and above requires PHP 7.2 or later. You must be running PHP 7.2 or later in order for the Automatic Updater to show WHMCS 8.0 as available to install.

As always, a download is also being made available for those who wish to install or upgrade manually.