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$1.00 web hosting

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Have you seen these web hosting companies that offer a month of web hosting for only $1.00? This is barely over free, so I'm not sure what good the company is getting out of it. Maybe this is just a way to entice new customers into using the service as the host plan offer is typically limited.

Would you try this idea?
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  • Ironically, many people hate anything that is free as they see it as cheap or not worthwhile and would rather pay one dollar for a service (even hosting) as it has a perceived value.
    And, since your web hosting is not free, you are more likely to attract higher quality clients.

    Free websites often attract spammers who use the free sites as part of elaborate spam/blog networks for backlinking purposes. Even charging $1.00 will deter these people who would rather spend nothing in their spam efforts.
    I do not advise to trust companies offering hosting services at a too low price or for free. Most likely the support will not be the best.
    Any hosting companies that offer a month of web hosting for only $1.00 can never survive it, the hosting company might be running the business on a test mode.
    It's not possible providing quality service under that price.
    $1 hosting providers only attract new clients with that price and scammer as somebody already said. No way good support can be provided for service that costs $1 per month.
    I agree with all of the above peoples. Offering web hosting at one dollar is way below a good company can offer. There is always come sort of compromise. But the casual web designers or other general people don't bother this and they just want the cheapest slice out there. This has made the hosting business even tougher for smaller firms as most of them are competing on price basis rather than service.
    I saw hosts offering hosting at $10/month and give a really bad support while some very cheap hosts give a good support.
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