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Do you have a Facebook page for your web hosting company?

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Are you actively involved on Facebook and Google+/Twitter when promoting your own website? Do you have pages on those sites to advertise what you are offering?
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  • Good morning,

    Yes, we have Facebook page and we uses it to get 50% of our new customers each month. Mostly, african customers are coming from Facebook.
    In these days, having a facebook page is very important for any business. There are millions of people who visit facebook everyday and you definitely should take advantage of this platform to reach all these people.
    Yes, we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram page and YouTube channel. 
    Whichever niche you belong to, your audience spends its time on social media, and that’s exactly where you should reach them.
    Our marketing wrote many times on our blog about the importance of having (and using) social media for raising brand awareness, increasing self-promotion and enticing customer engagement.
    Facebook and Twitter I find work the best. Twitter is good for being discovered though. With advertising Facebook can help being discovered. But it really just turns out facebook acts like fan page if you don't put the proper funding into it. So I'd definitely use twitter more as you can be discovered randomly and with no cost.
    I prefer using Facebook for advertising our web hosting deals. I think it can attract the potential customers, esapecialy those who are planning to start their own online business. :D
    We currently have a facebook and twitter account - however due to the increasing privacy concerns users have with these platforms we are winding back on advertising we recently removed google analytics from our websites on the mantra "we don't want you do on our website to follow you around the internet" so on the other hand we don't want to support these organization that sell your data of course it is easier said than done.
    Every company should have profiles in social medias like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.. In nowadays you can get so many customers from social media even without ads.

    Yes, it is Important to have facebook fan page for every business, where you can launch your special offers, apart from ticket and emails and calls, Social media is the more friendly connection with your clients. Social media actually helps you to understand the chemistry or your relationship within you and your client via your client's likes and comments.

    Calvin K
    Hi :shy:

    Yes. We find Facebook a great place to engage with communities and get as creative as possible in establishing who we are. It is a great platform for anyone reach out to us and for us to reach out to anyone. So we're very active on Facebook. We're also present on Twitter and LinkedIn and post regularly there as well.
    We have one aswell! I think it's so important to have social media links in general. Alot of newbies and friends and family can help aswell.
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  • Every company should have social media accounts across the board on the top sites - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Even if you don't plan on being active on those accounts, you can make a post that directs people visiting the page to whatever social account that you're keeping the most active.
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