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The evolution of the web hosting?


NHT Manager
The future of web hosting? What will believe that the future of the web hosting? As will evolve and to what extent do you think that will change. And that is what most will change?
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  • We would say that in a shared hosting future large-scale disappear, as prices there today are so cheap that people are already buying and piggybacking themselves VPS control panel and configuration, to a boy of 13 years , you know do this. Greetings.
    And to say that most companies offering VPS you install a control panel either free or for a fee.
    Besides with internet connections that are available .... I just think that soon companies began to set up their offices own servers ....
    I already know some companies who choose this option. (Although personally I prefer a hosted server in a data center, either housing or rental :)
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  • I guess for very small companies that do not care whether your website this online may mount it in your office but will never be comparable to having infrastructure datacenter. It is no longer just a matter of having a ip static, but hardware to withstand 24h infrastructure for a cut in the light, to have several operators in case one goes down, there are many factors ... regardless something that is becoming common as a DDoS attack. You speak of taking a vps, cpanel mount, Then ... simple ... if you have problems see if the child is able to solve the problem that the company may resolve in minutes. comparable not all that you are talking to a "decent" company. Companies will continue paying for a quality service whether it is possible to mount locally. I have seen many "empresillas" playing business, leave all his lying clients, sell and / or change of name ... That is children and anybody can do. Is that what they look for serious businesses? They are many reasons that regardless of whether you have enough bandwidth to set up something like this is impractical. I've seen operators offering 200 mbps but not the solution sought.