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How to Track Down Phishing Sites?


Junior Member
I would like to know are you guys using any software to track down phishing websites hosted on your server, before receiving phishing abuse notice?
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  • To track phishing content there is no any software which give exact alert, you will need to monitor manually. But we have also tried with paid bitninja software it help us to clean malware website. And also block unwanted connection.
    As the internet has become more widespread, so too have phishing attacks. Phishing sites are websites that appear to be legitimate, but are actually designed to steal user information.
    There are a few ways to track down phishing sites. One way is to use a free online phishing detector. Another way is to search for specific terms related to phishing on Google or Bing. Finally, you can use phishing site detection software like PhishMe!
    We are using CPGuard on my shared hosting servers, It is very effective as it block attacks on popular CMS as well as clean from malware and other virus. I have noticed that it also remove phishing pages from the server so phishing clients can't host on your server. It is additional benefit. I am happy with it and you can try it also.
    You can track it by ImmunifyAV, which shows you suspicious websites/scripts and allows you to clean phishing/hacking content from user accounts.

    It has options to remove malicious scripts automatically(not recommended) plus reputation management(premium feature).

    Another option is the bash script or command line. First, manually find malicious content and use the grep option to find similar files. For example, you have a malicious PHP script, and there is a general text such as "developed by author."
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