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Looking for Hosting Webhosting that does not bill you with a scary renewal fee after one year



I'm looking for a Hosting Service, preferably $4-8/m, for a specific blog site. It's just an essential company website with a blog with max 40 blog posts.

So is there any reasonable Hosting provider out there that is relatively fast for a straightforward Website? Which supports easy Back Up Options. For an affordable Price. Which does not send a high amount of a bill after 1 Year?

I have been on Bluehost, and they are pretty Okay. I paid 98$ for the first year. And then They suddenly wanted me to Pay 528$ the following year, so well, that was a freaking surprise.

Is there no good in-heart hosting provider that sticks to their prices?
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  • Shared hosting is a perfect solution for you. Take a look in the offers section forums.

    Choose a provider that can give you the best support during your most common support hours, and the best way to ensure that is by choosing a local provider
    There are lot of hosting companies available with reasonable packages, Bluehost and other such companies provide discounted packages for first year and after that you have to pay full amount which is too much. Look into the offer section and you will come across few of the good companies with reasonable pricing. Your site is not big and shared hosting will be enough for you.
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  • $98 per year is a good budget. You can find many hosting companies in the offers section.

    Instead of paying $528, I would switch to VPS with LAMP and premium CDN. :love: