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Unable to connect to FTP with Cloudflare



As Cloudflare mitigates the IP, I have also tried connecting directly to the IP but I am not able to get a connection. have enabled Cloud panel firewall to allow ports 20-22, and 12000-121000, and did the same for the ingress allow on Oracle Cloud.

Are there specific settings I need outside of this to connect?
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  • Did you add an ftp record to your DNS in Cloudflare?

    and if you did make the record, did you make sure it is not proxied?

    and to test that your actual ftp is running correctly, you can also just temporarily disable the Cloudflare proxy on your domain. If it doesn't connect then, you will know the issue is on your server and not with Cloudflare.
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  • It must be on the server. I set up a non-proxied subdomain but even tho it successfully pulls the server ip it still times out.

    It either has something to do with oracle cloud or Cloudpanel I think. Cloudpanel should support FTP, it's integrated within its interface.