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Which OS is best for Plesk?

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As the title suggests, we already have a reasonable number of websites, but I, perhaps, foolishly put them on Centos 7 as an OS. The problem we found is that the server software is just too old, for instance, the version of the database server. We have tried CloudLinux, but for various reasons, not all technical, we found out they were not a good fit for us. However, I think Centos 7 may have been our wrong choice.

I tried upgrading to later versions of Centos, but because I also had old websites using old versions of PHP, Python, etc. a bit of a challenge—no easy installs. You have to download and compile the software yourself and then hope it doesn't clash with similar software.

What other OS should I look at, given that server software datedness is one of our considerations that should make handling multiple PHP or Python versions easier?
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  • I am enjoying running Plesk on Ubuntu Server. Plesk updates the OS security and brings in newer PHP versions that aren't in the OS. So you can choose PHP 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, or 8.1 for each site.

    I'm competent with Ubuntu but haven't had to touch it since installing Plesk.
    We have switched to Ubuntu from CentOS due massive changes in CentOS.

    We are slowly slowly switching to Ubuntu server.
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