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Help How to advertise my new domain company


Hi everyone,

A genuine question which I am a bit stuck with at the moment...

I have set up a new domain registration company which purely focuses on domain name registrations - no additional services like hosting or anything like that. Just domains and at low prices. My question is, how to I advertise it. Obviously with the prices that I am charging, there isn't really an advertising budget to speak of and even it there were, there's no way to compete again GoDaddy, 123-Reg and the other big players.

So far I have tried e-mailing a few web site design companies thinking that they may be the prime target market because a lot of them register domains on their customers behalf and therefore would prefer to have cheaper prices as they can then mark them up and make a profit.

The pricing model works by taking the cost of what it costs us, as a registrar, to register a domain and then adding around 15% to cover our costs. This means that on most domain registrations we only add £0.40 to £0.80 to the final cost.

This means that UK domain name registrations are just £5.99 a year and .com domains are £11.20.

We've just added full DNS management capability as well but looking to add more features as we progress.

Kind regards"

Really I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on how I can spread the word?

Many thanks
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  • As you know where your target audience is. To make improvements, you need to understand their "PAIN."

    And target audiences will likely share their pains on the forums where they hang out.

    Pain is often a symptom and not the root cause of the pain. So, you must immerse yourself in your target audience's world to feel the pain. And you have to learn to "talk their talk" and "walk their walk" to gain trust that you have a solution.

    You may want to be more specific about who it is that you are targeting and what is the "pain killer" that you want to promote.
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  • It depends on the features of the target audience: gender, age, hobbies, and so on. I like the comment above about understanding their pain. That's true. Explore your audience with deep analysis so some of your doubts might disappear.