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Google Ads My account was suspended for no reason



I've had my business profile active for a few weeks and tried running ads with Google, but my campaign wouldn't run. It would simply show as "inactive" but without mentioning any issues needing remedy. Then, a week ago, my account started showing as "Suspended due to unpaid balance," but my balance has always been $0.00. So naturally, I filed an appeal, and when I heard back from support, it asked for proof of payment even though I mentioned in my request that my ads were never run. Is there anything I can do to figure out what's going on or anyone to contact that can help?

I tried calling tech support, and he said I should file an appeal.
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  • I got the same email, but it was due to inactivity in my account, although they stated the same reason: "unpaid balance," basically maintaining $0, lol. I contacted support in a Live Chat scenario, and they fixed it immediately.
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  • Check your billing details are correct or not, review your ad setup for any errors, and kindly reply to Google Ads support, explaining the $0.00 balance situation. If it continues, try reaching out through different support channels or consider getting help from a Google Ads expert.