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Digital Marketing What kind of podcast invitation would you respond to?



I run an e-commerce agency and host an up-and-coming e-commerce marketing podcast. I struggle to get brand owners on the show, and I’m unsure why. Brand owners on the show will make for great content, and my audience will enjoy it.

I’ve had some strong guests and feel I make good content. I don’t think I’m getting diverse enough with guests, though. Perhaps they think I’m inviting them on my show to pitch them, because I own an agency, but that isn’t the case.

So, brand owners in this forum, what kind of podcast invitation would you respond to? How should I approach it?

I usually use Social Media to source guests with a decent presence and following.
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  • As a brand owner, I’d most likely ignore your request unless you can answer one question: Why should I spend my time giving you content?

    That’s the main thing. Unless your podcast is already established and has decent traffic, what would I get out of it? That’s what you have to figure out first. Remember, at the end of the day, people only care about what they can get from you. You have to have something for them to gain.

    I realize this might sound rude, but I’m trying to say this as constructive criticism, not to put your podcast down.

    If you’re starting and don’t have much to offer, my advice would be to network and meet brand owners that way. If you hit it off with them, they’ll be significantly more likely to jump on board than someone you’re cold-emailing.
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  • How are you approaching people?

    If it's cold, contact DMS on Instagram, Facebook, and Shopify inbox, and then I block and delete it almost instantly.

    We get bothered by low-effort 'agencies' every day, with a big increase around now each month. I'm guessing when the 'spy tool' they use gets updated?