How to completely uninstall WP Super Cache plugin

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Despite its popularity, this Automatic cache plugin sometimes does not do a clean install after uninstalling it and deleting it from your plugins screen. Although it is the one that is best uninstalled when deactivating and deleting the plugin, it does not always get it, then I always recommend that you check that it has done well.

The list of modifications of the plugin that you must check to completely uninstall it if they existed after uninstalling it and deleting it is the following:

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You may not find anything or that you find everything, I tell you that is the one that best behaves when uninstalling it, but it always checks.

No matter if you had it active in basic or advanced mode, check the list always after deactivating and deleting it.

At best you will only find the lines #BEGIN WPSuperCache and #END WPSuperCache in the .htaccess file, with nothing between them, but delete them equally.

Regards :)
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