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My site is redirected to a porn site


Hello since this morning I have a problem with my accommodations.

Indeed I had the disagreeable vision of falling on a site of pornographic character, which is problematic from both a moral and commercial point of view.

Can you tell me what happened or what is happening? Can you help me? I have a commercial presentation tomorrow
and it is out of the question that my future customers will come across this kind of site, hoping that they have not been on my site this morning.

I thank you for your diligence
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  • Hello,

    either the hacker has passed through a fault of your site, or directly on the server of the hosting provider.
    • changes all your passwords.
    • if you have a backup of your website, erase the current data via ftp and replace it by backup data.
    • verifies your scripts forms, insertion into database
    • it can be a piece of code (iframe) injected through a fault in the index files.
    • and / or a parasitic file that will automatically reinject the code in the files.

    Also notify the host, in case the hack is on its side.

    Thanks @"edwin" for your reply,

    I warned the host and he told me that he was in the process of solving this problem. For my script I went around quickly and I did not see anything bizarre.

    Could you give me advice on the safety of my site or do you have a link to give me, and what should I check exactly because I have consulted all my part of my code and I have not seen anything very significant

    In your forms, simply try typing in the input / textarea:
    Javascript code:

    If the alert message is displayed (in popup), there is a big problem!
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