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Where do you advertise your web hosting company?

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Most people who own a web hosting company advertise via signature lines on forums. And, this seems to be a very effective way to get new clients. Does this idea work for you? And, how do you advertise your web hosting company?
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  • While it might seem like a good idea to stick a link to your web hosting company in your signature line, everyone else on that same hosting forum is thinking the same thing too. So after awhile, it becomes a big 'me too!' circus and no one wins. A better solution is to find forums that offer compatible but not competing niches such as webmaster, SEO, business marketing, online learning, etc. These sites are not specifically devoted to web hosting and won't attract as many who are resellers or web hosting company owners. So, if you choose to advertise via the signature line on one of these sites, there will be less competition for that service.
    Any webmaster forum is OK for advertising, though you might get more direct response advertising on Facebook. There are many people on Facebook who might be interested in starting their own website.
    You could advertise in a Facebook group for marketing or even try LinkedIn. Though these sites don't always allow direct advertising, you might include mention of your best hosting offer in your signature link on those social networking sites. With LinkedIn, the best approach will be to establish yourself as a hosting expert and offer advice to other webmasters on what type of hosting is the best for their own business. In due time, you will be asked to provide a link to your own site or best hosting for that person and when this happens you will have the opportunity to suggest your own hosting.
    Hi :shy:

    Yes forums are a great way to market your web hosting business. It gives you an opportunity to directly interact with them and connect with them by helping them out as well. So forums are great to not only advertise but also to start building relationships with your prospects.

    Social media is another amazing platform to advertise your web hosting business because it's easy to find your niche there (mainly Facebook). You can find a wide market of people who are looking for servers and hosting services to start their own business, host their own game servers, process data etc. Plus you can get as creative as you want on Facebook and other social networks.

    Hope this helped.

    Yes i agree facebook has much potential to generate leads try to unique posts on facebook then see results
    try to attract bloggers, and developers in facebook
    I usually promote my business on Google Adword and Facebook but no proper response or conversion till now
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