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I got an email to surrender domain names



I have currently owned two domain names that contain a company name, who is now pressuring me to surrender the domains to them or else they will take legal action.

Is this something that they can claim ownership of? Can you hold a copyright on a domain name? I was always under the impression that the first one to own the domain is in control of it.

Any advice is appreciated, or any help understanding the laws that govern this is appreciated as well.
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  • Depends on country and it's legislation base, but getting domain first doesn't mean anything in such case. If domain name is similar to some company name or trademark, they have the right to claim it. And it's fair, I suppose.
    I think as long as you are not hosting anything on those domain they cannot ask you to surrender, but still take legal advice if those domains are of value to you
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  • Try to sell the domain names at a lesser cost. I don't think it's a good idea to give them the domain name for that reason. You bought it in the first place. So it's their fault if they didn't have those domains. However, they can always file a case on you. So think carefully.