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Are there any unique niches for web hosting companies?


I'd love to offer a web hosting company that is truly unique and features benefits and features that others don't or targets a unique niche of customers.

Can you help me brainstorm this idea?
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  • Sometime back, I saw a website offering 'hosting for work at home moms' and this seemed to be a very different idea as typically hosting companies target a broad range of customers. As you might imagine, work at home mom and dads would be an ideal customer for wanting hosting as many don't have previous webmaster experience. You would want to familiarize yourself with the needs of this niche before trying it out.
    Hi :shy:

    Here are a few target groups that you can focus on as your niche:
    • WordPress bloggers
    • Game server hosts
    • Home business owners
    • Podcast hosting

    Hope this helped.
    Yes, you can definitely focus on a niche, I believe that may be the best way to really be able to cut into this industry as there are so many in it. A niche will put you above your competition within that section.
    It can be anywhere between, web hosting for gaming clans, to web hosting for bloggers.
    To start brainstom, you can start with your own hobby.

    If you have hobby, it is normally have community or something like that. When you are part of the community of your hobby, you will understand what kind of hosting they need.
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