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Offline marketing in this time still works?


Does offline marketing in this time still works?

Is it still effective?
What do you suggest for marketing tips and activity for this time?

Many thanks
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  • I think it still works, if you go to local meeting, network with people, go to conferences (affiliate, web hosting related), give flyers or business cards, etc... - I believe you can grow your business.
    If you are working locally for a specific city or area or country than local marketing can help but local marketing is lot more costly than online marketing.
    Offline marketing always works as long as you have the resources to reach your target clients, moreover please remember a lot of these offline clients usually are non-technical clients so it works best if you provide a complete solution for e.g. if you talking about web hosting then you need to provide them domain name, web space as well as web design and even website update option, you may even need to help them with setting up email accounts etc...
    No I don't think so it works now because everything is digitally online and its easy for everyone to market online and for the audience its also good.
    I think offline marketing along with online marketing makes it perfect. Having a coffee with a client and building a relationship will be very good for future. We can get more references through them where we can connect them online.
    offline marketing is difficult because finding a customer who actually needs hosting / website is difficult. Whereas the online marketing let them come to you. The time saving is big here.
    You need to have a specific market, sometimes offline options still work great. However there is a lot better options when posting online for marketing.
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