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Social media marketing stats that businesses shouldn't ignore



When it comes to social media marketing, there is plenty of misinformation. Thus, it leads to many unrealistic expectations that disappoint businesses heavily. Luckily enough, marketers are blessed with vast data from social media activity. Therefore, it can help a business correct any misleading information that has led to failure and disappointment.

What's your opinion about social media marketing?
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  • Should never sell on social media. Use it as a place to build trust and reputation. That will lead to good branding and then ultimately sales.
    Social media marketers who are able to support their organizations' business goals and provide consumer insights to multiple departments of their organizations, while also building loyalty among consumers, are more likely to see their companies grow.

    The top three challenges that social media marketers face are developing strategies that support business goals (47%), providing consumer insights to other departments (71%), and increasing consumer spending with a brand they follow on social media (67%).
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  • To be successful in social media marketing, you need to know your audience. Find out what they're interested in and then offer that content for them!

    Fame is everything these days- even if it's just on the internet where people can see anything at any time without having too many friends or family around who will tell us no disastrously embarrassing things happen every day. That being said there are still some guidelines we should follow so our bad behavior doesn't get exposed before its ready: never post something private unless permission has been granted; always use hashtags (#) when sharing links elsewhere online because this makes monitoring updates easier