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which of these server is best to host 20 wordpress websites?


Hello everyone, 

I needed a help, which of these servers is better to host about 20 WordPress websites ?
  • Xeon 2 x E5504 8c 8t, 4c / 8t 2 GHz + 16 Gb 
  • Core ™ i7-920 5003 4c / 8t 2.66 GHz + 16 Gb 
  • Core ™ i5-2400 4c / 4t 3.1 GHz + 16 Gb

the sites are not very big, in average 200 to 300 visits only 2 who have a 3.000 visits daily the rest is small which of these serves has a better server performance?

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  • I also think each of them will be good for you, but if you're not sure which one to choose, you may ask the hosting provider of these plans for professional advice.
    Any of those servers should be fine. I don't think you would even need a dedicated server for your case. A VPS with a generous amount of resources would be cheaper and would do you just fine.
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  • You can use a VPS, if you don't have enough money. But the previous configurations are OK . You can go with anyone. You will have a good result. But be careful on security. I hope you know very well how to secure and optimize your sites.