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Websites on my server are not loading



I wanted to ask for help I'm having problems with my Cpanel / whm server the same this online, but the sites are falling and turned. All firewall settings are configured correctly, so I ran the following command (netstat -plan | grep: 80 | awk '{print $ 5}' | cut -d: -f 1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nk 1) which shows me a lot of ips connected to port 80 and I believe that this is causing the sites to be getting off even though the ping is normal. is changing port 80 can resolve the issue or it is some type of DDOS attack?

Thank you
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  • You need to check the server's resources, in addition to the security part, you may be suffering from some type of denial attack that makes the server off for some time.

    If you are using any DC, see if they help with this, as for the server resources, you will have to analyze and resolve yourself if necessary.
    If your browser times out connecting to the server when trying to load your website, then your server is running out of resources while serving the page. If this is the case, you need to check if your server via top command to see if your server is continuously under high load or CPU/RAM usage goes high just when trying to load a page.

    If resource usage is continuously high, then you may be under attack. You can then try to configure the firewall (e.g. CSF) to limit connections in a period of time (e.g. CONNLIMIT setting in CSF) to control the maximum number of connections in every minute.

    If resource usage goes high and connection to the server times out everytime you load the page, then this most likely an issue with resource usage of your website. If you are running WordPress or any other PHP-written CMS, you may need to go for one of options below:

    1) Check if the memory_limit setting is configured properly for your website.
    2) Check if a plugin is exhausting the memory or CPU.
    3) Check if current server resources are totally enough for your CMS and your website.
    I believe it was a DDoS attack. I have moved my website to the new provider as the old provider was not able to handle the DDoS attack. Now my websites are normal.

    Thank you, everyone, for the help :)
    You might have exceeded the limit of your bandwidth or disk space usage.
    What is your hosting package limites?
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  • If you are having this type of problem you can take some steps: Access server performance, analyse server performance review access logs changing the ports and the most important part is taking security measure to ensure that your website is fully secured from these types of attacks or problems