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Reliable hosting providers for running e-shops?

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Require hosting for my e-shop:
- 20 gbs of disk, 600 gbs of bandwidth.Linux

What would be your hosting choice? Why?
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  • You should go with the VPS or Dedicated servers as provide much better options and control along with the best possible server speed.
    Don't sacrifice security and quality. It is not ideal to jump into affordable web hosts in which in the long run can lead to many problems such as web site accessibility and, worst, shutting down of web site.
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  • E-commerce hosting is a technology designed to store, service, and maintain the files for one or sometimes more websites that will be selling products/services online. Site owners that are paying for their web host, mostly by the month, can upload their pages to shared, or if they prefer, a dedicated server. They do this via an internet service provider (ISP). Their host should be able to deliver a speedy and consistent connection. The experienced webmaster wants to have good security, flexibility, and high quality performance from their host. E-commerce servers also store videos, images, and any other type of content that you can retrieve from a site. With e-commerce a top priority is security.

    When you're deciding on your web hosting choice, it's good to know how much storage for your data you will require, and how fast the data transfer rates are going to have to be for your website. The web host will be where your website is physically located, which means you want to be very confident in your connection and your security with your hosting company. Do your homework and research the company you're considering. Make sure they can deliver what you need, with top quality, and at an affordable price.

    To wrap it up, when you're selecting your e-commerce web host, you'll find it best to search for pre-packaged solutions, the ones that will enable you to create your shopping cart, have an online catalog, and handle secure credit card transactions while providing you with a storage system. Choosing your e-commerce web host means finding one with a wide range of tools and features, and has a long time solid reputation.
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