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Looking for Hosting Web hosting suggestion for eCommerce website

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I have a small eCommerce website & I get only around 100 visitors a day. Now I want to start an advertising campaign & if a lot of people visit my site, I need a guarantee from the web host that they are not going to take down my website. My friend suggests me to move my website from shared hosting to VPS. Any recommendations?

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  • It all depends on your website, and the amount of traffic it is generating if it is a new one then, in that case, shared hosting would be the better option. When hosting an eCommerce website, security is the first and foremost factor that you should keep in mind.
    Move your website from Shared Hosting to either VPS or Dedicated server. If you keep on using Shared Hosting, then once your domain becomes famous and visitors flock in, it'll be very difficult for you to keep your domain from getting jammed.
    Instead, it you relocate to VPS or Dedicated server, you can utilize the resources allocated to you to efficiently host your domain and provide no fuss to users.
    Yes, of course, VPS will be the right choice for your e-commerce website. VPS server is totally based on the virtual generation, which will divide a physical server into multiple virtual servers.
    These are the most important benefits of using web hosting for an e-commerce website.
    eCommerce software compatibility. One of the main features every eCommerce website needs is the shopping cart functionality.
    Customer service.
    Email addresses.
    SEO features.
    Website builder.

    Yes, VPS hosting is best for your eCommerce website. No doubt that websites like eCommerce based will help you to gain more business opportunities and would be able to reach t more areas at a time for sure. Such kind of business growth will happen only with the website for a business.
    It not advisable to run e-commerce like competitive websites with frequent visitors on a shared hosting server, as it will affect the website performance. Since daily payment processing and updates are frequent on eCommerce like websites, it is not secure to run the database on a shared database server, you need to go for a dedicated server with good amount of RAM and good processing speed . Also always ensure that backups are enabled for databases in regular intervals so that it is simple to restore the website in case of data loss.
    Or else you need go for a cloud server.

    Since sensitive payment information are associated with eCommerce website an SSL security need to be implemented as well.
    VPS is always a better choice cause you will get the full server(virtual) to host a website. You’ll get more resources such as RAM, disk space, Bandwidth, etc. in VPS than Shared Hosting. Also, you’ll get better security and performance as well as more reliability than Shared Hosting. But it costs more, so make sure that it is affordable with your budget or not.
    Ecommerce web hosting solutions are the hosting solutions provided to host ecommerce websites. There are plenty of ecommerce hosting companies that offer quality personified and customized services to give enterprises of all sizes a chance to establish a strong online web presence quite quickly and at a cheap price.

    All the service providers dealing in professional web hosting give the final advantage of economy to the end users. The data centers might be very large in size or might also be quite small. Irrespective of that, the solutions are catered and deployed with equal élan. The savings on costs can also be made along everything such as hardware, software licenses, backup systems, and bandwidth and environment control systems

    E-commerce web hosting solutions allow the administrators to host ecommerce websites. Since these websites are very professional, they have to be hosted quite precariously as they are a tad different from the normal static websites or even the dynamic websites that one browses through generally.
    Depending on your budget. If your budget is low then VPS is the route to go to. If you have more than enough you may want to look at at a dedicated server.
    I was going through the thread I think most people have answered your query. However there is one thing that I want to add is that it is a good idea to move the site to the VPS well before the advertisement campaign so that you are sure that it will be up and running before the number of visitors drastically increase. However, the VPS is costly so make sure that the campaign is good enough and will give good results. Also always backup your site before moving it to a new host. Cheers
    Security is essential for any type of website you own. Both shared and VPS are relatively secure and stable ways to host your website, but there are a few differences.
    With shared hosting, your site may be affected in case of error on a different website. As well, if other websites consume too much shared bandwidth, your website may slowdown.
    You can prevent this problem by using VPS, since the partitioned servers ensure that each site functions accordingly.
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  • VPS hosting is great if you’re looking to grow your site. Think of it as an investment – you want to pick a plan that matches your ambitions, not just one for the here-and-now.
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