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Google AdWords campaign showing Eligible Learning status



Google approves my Google AdWords campaign, but it's not running. The status is Eligible Learning. It's been two days. Does anyone know what does it mean?

Please help!

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  • Try using the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool to check if your ads are running or not. Here’s a helpful article: https://ads.google.com/d/AdPreview/

    Additionally, there could be multiple reasons why your ads are not running, even if they are approved:
    • Check the status of your ad groups and similar ads -- they all should be enabled.
    • Make sure you have keywords in your ad groups.
    • Make sure your budget is not too low.
    • Please make sure that your targeting is not limited or are too narrow for the ads to serve.
    • Try to expand the targeting bit more to broaden the Placement/Location.
    • Try increasing the bid. Your bids may be too low for your ads to enter the ad auction