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Advantages of a dedicated server in a company


Before deciding on a shared hosting server, a dedicated plan or even a VPS plan, you need to not only compare the different costs of server plans, but also determine the effect of hosting plan on the operating costs of the company.

In addition, it is necessary to understand how a hosting plan improves the position of the company to maximize profits and avoid financial losses. For those who are familiar with server technology and administration, the advantages of an unmanaged dedicated server plan often outweigh the disadvantages of a lower cost plan. For those who are fully familiar with running a server, a dedicated managed server plan may be the most advantageous business solution. 


The non-shared provision of a dedicated server ensures that you can access your data, processes and website whenever you want, without being affected by the malfunction of another website as it happens in a shared hosting.

Server Administration

Dedicated servers are completely dedicated to your business. This means you can ensure exactly when an application is running and which programs take precedence over others. You can also design your own security plans, which are necessary to protect the integrity of the information. 

In addition, you can also configure a dedicated server to offer shared hosting services which in turn can lease a web space to other companies or individuals, if you wish. 

Cyber Attack Protection

Dedicated servers are less vulnerable to cyber attacks compared to shared services because they do not share hardware or an IP address with other users who may be the target of an attack. Since a dedicated server will have its own IP address, so you do not have to worry that it will be blacklisted because of the actions of another user. 

Protection of a Neighbor Neighbor

A dedicated server is not susceptible to system failures or starvation of resources caused by other server users. In a dedicated server you can decide which programs, scripts and applications will run on the server, which will give you greater security and peace of mind. 


With a dedicated server, it is often not limited to the types of application software that it is allowed to run or the scripts that the server can support. Although there are some common sense limitations, such as the rules for sending spam, you are free to use the server to run almost any type of process, web service or remote application, according to the needs of your company.
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  • These are the other features along with that
    Flexibility and control
    Administrative powers
    Increased security
    Unique IP address
    Reliability and performance
    & Reduced overheads for server equipment
    Dedicated hosting means that you've got your own personal server that's not shared with anyone else. This suggests there's no resource sharing and you're not suffering from different customers. A dedicated server may be a physical server that is safe and secure in our data center. Dedicated hosting is a nice selection if your web site encompasses a high quantity of traffic otherwise you need an oversized quantity of information measure. Dedicated Hosting is also refers to as Dedicated Server hosting, is a hosting solution wherever the consumer rents or leases from the service provider the whole physical server, its resources and capabilities for the client’s use solely.

    1.) Resources - A dedicated server is yours alone and isn't shared with anyone else. this suggests all the servers resources and property is devoted to you.
    2.) Flexible - You have your own dedicated server which implies you'll be able to use it as you prefer. you'll be able to install programs as and once you have to be compelled to, which supplies you bigger flexibility compared to a shared server.
    3.) Powerful - The server is powerful enough to handle thousands upon thousands of tourists per day. you have got the total power of the server and its resources which implies performance is increased.
    4.) Secure - Dedicated servers square measure terribly secure because of incontrovertible fact that they're not shared with many customers. Having your own personal server minimizes these threats.
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