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Benchmarking for Hosting providers?


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Are there sites where hosting providers are compared / discussed with technology / speed? So not so much personal reviews and opinions, but more "can you measurably make what you promise?" .... 

I'm looking for a reseller like solution for my hosting because I do not feel like having time in self management from my VPS.

Of course, it gets from the hosting review sites (where one host just gets better), but I've only met 1 "speed comparative" and that was the test of 2016. 

Figures give me better insight than opinions. But I do not get anything from Google.


Ps. I'm NOT looking for offers ....


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Please note that hardware testing is highly dependent on all kinds of technical factors. Like how many customers are there on a host server. How busy are those other customers at the time of testing. If you want benchmarking, then you will need to perform tests for a long period of time and resources. It's all quite complex and immediately the reason it's not being done independently.

Furthermore, when choosing a provider, matters such as support and reliability also play a role that will not follow the benchmarks.


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Like @"larryrush" , you should not only look at performance and price but to the total picture around it, you'd rather have a web host that has a 5ms lower latency of what you are pinging and where your website charges 2 seconds faster but an uptime has 70% and grateful support. Whether a web hosting company that has 99.999% uptime has a customer service that you live on and within 15 minutes answer tickets, but your website is 2 seconds slower than the other web hosting provider. Or do you prefer a web host that says these are your data, plan your plan or a web host that helps you step by step with your transfer / installation / ....


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Besides what has already been said, of course, you should look at which one is the best for you. Of all our customers there has been 1 who wanted to know in advance what he started. That mail conversation consisted of over 400 mails before he took a few servers. Now I do not really want to motivate and do not step in (hehe), but just put your questions and so on by email and send it to a few hosters. With a more personal approach, you also notice faster or click and you often get clear answers to the points you're in.

Only numbers can of course also give a very wrong picture. For example, you can have a server that has bare-metal on an uplink, but also a shared hosting vps that is behind hardware firewalls, software firewalls, application firewall and / or IDS. This will be the first faster, but you can expect more attention, especially if it's broken. The 2nd may be a little slower, but can be in the air again after 2 minutes.

Even things like 'uptime' say nothing. An uptime of 100% does not really mean that your website is 100% of the time in the air. Only that the server is not down. And as long as there are no conditions for not getting uptimes, you can say as a cough what you want of course.