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right hosting for large number of website visitors

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What kind of hosting do you need for large number of website visitors? How much does this hosting cost?
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  • surely no one will name all the parameters, without the preliminary load testing of the application, otherwise it is, to put it mildly, a delusion.
    I think we need a cluster with simultaneous calculation of the application architecture, which will allow us to scale as uselessly as possible in the future, and start with minimal resources.

    summarizing all of the above, you need: front-ends for balancing -> backend for processing <- db and caching servers - a typical cluster.

    all this wealth will cost about 4-5 thousand dollars a year. it's just a lease, with your personal full customization of it all.

    Well, in the end, it's hard to call hosting, in the true sense of the word.
    Yes, under such a machine, I think we should not take hosting, but at least a dedicated server. On hosting, the load on the CPU is up to 5-7% on average. And even if you put such a monster on the hosting - it will clog all the resources of the CPU, and you will simply "evict" from there.
    If you really need to get to these numbers you will need a distributed platform with a load balancer, it is difficult to advise without knowing the project in more depth.

    A distributed platform consists of a high-end Database Server (in our case everything is virtualized), a load balancer, one or two instances for the images, another additional instance for the assets and between 4 and 15 instances for meet the http requests.
    Actually, each visitor that access the website will consume a particular amount of resources and depending on the unique visitors that you expect to have hosting services can recommend shared hosting, again if the website is in development mode you don't need a powerful server since the visitors wont be active
    So, depending on the resources that the website will need and the visitors that you will have you can upgrade to a higher plan at any time later, the upgrade is without downtime and will be handled by the hosting services support dept.
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  • It depends on the what you consider a high traffic, but usually, the best option is to opt for a dedicated server. The price varies a lot, depending on the characteristics that you'll need, but let's say it may start from about $50/mo and there may be plans that cost $200 - 300 USD per month. But, the biggest advantage of choosing a dedicated server is that you'll have all the resources for yourself.
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