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Best Hosting specialized in WordPress for Online Store.


Hello dear, 

I need the opinions of you to decide to hire a Hosting for a client. What the customer needs: 

1. Host an online store in WordPress using WooComerce. 

2. Additionally also host another 5 sites in WordPress. 

I have been in contact with few hosting provider that specializes in WordPress, the truth is that the queries that I have sent to me have been clarified immediately. 

It would be my first job offering the assembly service of Web pages based on WordPress and I do not want to take any false steps. 

Any specialized WordPress hosting using LiteSpeed? 

Thank you in advance, Regards. 

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  • Hi. Why Wordpress using WooComerce instead of prestashop if you need a store?

    Similarly, I would ask before doing anything, be it the company that is, which limit cpu and ram assign you? Do you use SSD? daily, weekly, monthly backups? This type of stores require many resources of cpu and ram, and above all for questions of queries requires ssd to go "decently"

    The above is essential, and then you should ask what space, transfer you include in each plan. The issue of certificates should also ask the price.
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