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Migration from shared web hosting to vps server



I've simply switched from shared web hosting to a vps server . The assist was good and transferred my account from the outdated to the brand new server however I still do not get some factors.

1) I do not need any downtimes so I didn't make the DNS adjustments but I've registered the brand new nameserver with my registrar, however after the registration it tells me that it takes 24-48 hours for the DNS adjustments to get globally propagated. Does this imply that I've to wait 48 hours earlier than I can put the brand new DNS into my domain?

2) Beside this I'm instructed to replace the zone file on the source server to point A/MX record.

What does this imply?! what's the zone file, what's the source server and what's the A/MX record?
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  • hello,

    If you're migrating throughout the same supplier, he can deal with the migration with no downtime.
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  • On a shared hosting dns settings are automatically setup from your web hosting control panel. But if you dont have a web hosting control panel. Then you might need to install everything on your own. Or you can use a free web hosting control panel like Centos web hosting control panel.