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How to migrate from WordPress.com blog to self hosted WordPress blog?



I am a newbie on the entire web hosting process as of now. Currently my blog hosted with wordpress.com with my custom domain. However last night I decided I want to start a business with my blog so I buy an cPanel hosting account.

My main objective is to transfer all my current and original content from wordpress.com to my self hosted wordpress blog on cPanel.

I am want to know if someone on here could simply give me a easy to understand step by step guide for me to follow, because as of now I am simply lost in how to correctly go about transferring my wordpress.com blog to self hosted blog.

Thanks in advance
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  • Hello,

    There are a few steps to migrate your WordPress blog from WordPress.com to Self-Hosted WordPress.

    - First Step: Export your existing blog: First you need to export all of your existing content on WordPress.com.
    - - > To do this login your WordPress.com account.
    - - > Next click on the “My Site” menu in the upper left corner.
    - - > Next click on Settings.
    - - > Next click the blue Export All button on the right.
    Now, wait for some time it will export all of your content.

    After doing this go to the next step.

    - Second Step: You said you already bought a hosting account. So, now Install WordPress if you haven't installed yet.
    - - > Next from your dashboard, navigate to Tools > Import near the bottom of the menu.
    - - > Next at the bottom of the list under “WordPress,” click on “Install Now.”
    - - > Next click on the “Run Importer” link.
    - - > Next click on the Choose file button and upload your file and import

    That's all you have successfully imported.

    Let me know if you have any further questions, I will assist you.
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  • Step 1: Export your existing blog.

    Step 2: Set up your new domain and hosting

    Step 3: Install WordPress.

    Step 4: Import your blog content.

    Step 5: Finish setting up your new blog.

    Step 6: Redirect your old blog.